We are so grateful for your interest in Merkle Photography. Since 2010, we have been privileged to document the love and excitement of couples on one of the most wonderful and meaningful days in their lives. We embrace this trusted role and have traveled across the world capturing their singular moments. These images have graced the covers of magazines, colored the pages of newsprint, won international competitions, and our studio has been ranked among the best of the best.

But, at the end of the day, our passion is driven by the things we value the most: our family, our friends, and the memories that we have created together.

If you take a peek into our homes, you will find walls adorned with photographs of simple yet profound moments: a newborn baby sleeping peacefully in her bassinet, the sun warming her face as it rises on the very first morning of her life; two boys, snuggled under a tent of blankets on the living room floor, watching the television under the amber glow of the Christmas tree. And the dozens of faces of those who made it possible for us to be here today.

To us, these are the moments that shape our lives. And to our clients, it is their desire to have their own moments artfully documented that draws them to our work.

To request more information and check availability, please call us at (443)-330-7775 or use the contact form on our website and we'll get right back to you. We would love to bring our skills, talents, and passion to your wedding!


Lead Photographer and Owner

I want to cover your day in a way that highlights the emotion and sincerity that surrounds you and the people you love. Some emotions are unbridled, but most are nuanced and fleeting.  When you look back at your set of images, I want you to be transported back to that day and to have those feelings rekindled.

I need very little from you to do my job. My role is to be an observer and a listener.  The less time I spend interrupting, the more time I can spend watching, waiting, and capturing the moments that should be remembered.

If I'm there to record it, it will be without a list, without printed pages of images from other photographers that you’d like to see imitated. I'll be there as me – and I’ll be capturing you.

photo credit: Monica Munoz (http://thewildbrides.com)


Balancing life as a photographer, full-time dean, coach, husband, and father to three amazing boys I am grateful for my work and the people I love. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than anticipating a moment and rising to meet it, whether through my lens or through leadership.

My photography is an expression of my desire to bring people together, and to show them how beautiful they truly are. While I’ve been recognized as a top photographer internationally, most people just say I am an “all around good guy”, and that works well for me.

It is my pleasure to work with Katie as a team, and to weave our styles effortlessly to give you a one-of-a-kind portfolio of artistically captured moments you will never forget.

Stuff Our Clients Say:

“WOW. Tears. Need we say more?”

“Katie, thank you times infinity! I love your sweet and subtle ways. It’s really does stand out in your photography. I’m so happy that the stars aligned so that we were able to have you part of long cherished memories. I truly appreciate you. Thank you truly, madly, deeply.”

“This is art at it’s finest.”

“Thank you for making the world so beautiful.”

“We just saw the pictures that you took from our wedding and they are mind blowing … simply beautiful. I am speechless and love all of them. Thank you for capturing the best day of my (our) life in such an amazing way.”

“Timeless, Raw, Emotional, Real, Unique, Grand, Natural, Poetic”

“I’m speechless.”

“Thank you so much for taking the most amazing photos! I loved every one of our engagement photos that you posted to your blog. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mark look so happy in a picture before. You are fantastic! These photos are exactly what we were looking for. It’s difficult to articulate but there is a sense of authenticity to these shots. We had such a wonderful time and we’re so happy with the decision to take the engagement photos.”

“Your work made this day unforgettable. We are truly blessed to have you be a part of this important moment in our lives. We cannot say thank you enough!”


“The engagement pictures are AWESOME!!! I look at the pictures can’t imagine how great the wedding pictures will be!”

“We can’t stop looking at the photos! There is so much emotion in every image …”

“This is exactly what we wanted in a photographer and more!!!!!”

“I can’t stop looking at these blog images! Every photo leaves me wanting to know more of the story!”

“Exquisite! Stunning! Wow wow wow!”

“I feel like I bought a piece of art from my wedding day. A single, unique, thoughtful, beautiful, deep, inspiring piece of art. ”

“Katie has an amazing ability to see the beauty in everything.”

“To any bride looking for timeless, beautiful, and insanely unique images, book them: you won’t be disappointed”

“I’m going to keep this short: Katie Merkle is one of the industries best kept secrets.”