Because you love pictures. And you value the people in them. Experience has given me the insight and expertise to know what really makes a wedding worthwhile. I’ll take pictures of the people and things that mean the most to you - and stage some really beautiful portraits for you to hang on your wall - but above all else, I know emotions. The obvious moments … and the quiet space in between.  I notice them, I understand them, and I value them. Your wedding is going to be beautiful; I want to make sure it’s meaningful, too. 





About Katie, Lead Photographer and Owner

I'm a mother, photographer, artist, writer, part-time musician, and business owner. 

But before I became any of these things, I was a girl with a disability.  I struggled to walk, to talk, and to perform simple tasks like holding a glass of water and writing my own name with a pen.  I spent the first 30-years of my life in and out of doctors offices, hospitals, and clinics. And I've met those last 30-years with determination, perseverance, and grace. My struggle provided me with incredible insight into the human condition that plays a central role in the work I create. It also led me here: to tell your story, with homespun wit, uncanny insight, and the ability to find the beauty in everything. Should you find yourself with 20 minutes, you can listen to my story here





Every wedding package is tailored to include services and products to create the best fit for you. If you have a unique idea or vision in mind, please let me know - I’d love to make it a reality. 




It all starts here. From the anticipation in figuring out the perfect words you’re longing to say, to spending the first moments snuggled together on your path to marriage. An hour and a half of coverage and high-res files for you to remember forever.


Elopement packages include up to 3-hours of coverage, high-resolution images (available for download) and online proofing gallery to share with friends and family. 



One- or two-hour sessions offered at the location of your choice. Travel available for out of state clients. High-resolution images (available for download) and an online proofing gallery to share with friends and family. 




intimate weddings

Intimate wedding packages are perfect for small events. Packages include half day coverage, one photographer (Katie!), high-resolution images (available for download) and an online proofing gallery to share with friends and family.  

Please contact us to learn more about our inclusive travel options!


comprehensive coverage

For weddings over 100 guests, I'm thrilled to work with a network of some of the best photographers worldwide. Packages include full day coverage, two photographers, high-resolution images (available for download) and an online proofing gallery to share with friends and family.  






Albums are an integral part of our process and included with every wedding package. It's the final presentation of our work and the most beautiful way to preserve your history for the next 100+ years. 

Please check out some of our sample albums here





“WOW.  tears.  need we say more?

“Katie, thank you times infinity! I love your sweet and subtle ways. It’s really does stand out in your photography. I’m so happy that the stars aligned so that we were able to have you part of long cherished memories. I truly appreciate you. Thank you truly, madly, deeply.”

“This is art at it’s finest.”

“Thank you for making the world so beautiful.”

“We just saw the pictures that you took from our wedding and they are mind blowing … simply beautiful. I am speechless and love all of them. Thank you for capturing the best day of my (our) life in such an amazing way.”

“Timeless, Raw, Emotional, Real, Unique, Grand, Natural, Poetic”

“I’m speechless.”

"All of the remarks from friends and family are happening on Facebook. But your blog readers need to know that the crowd is going wild. The word “perfection” doesn’t even seem to do these justice. We are over the moon and at the same time, not the least bit surprised by it. We KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO PULL THIS OFF FANTASTICALLY… AND YOU DID! I pity the couples who go elsewhere. All that they could ever want is right here in your capable eye. I wish I had a quarter of your talent… and an ounce of your heart. But from the bottom of my soul… thank you. A million times… thank you. "


“It’s difficult to articulate but there is a sense of authenticity to these shots. We had such a wonderful time and we’re so happy with the decision to take the engagement photos.”

“Your work made this day unforgettable. We are truly blessed to have you be a part of this important moment in our lives. We cannot say thank you enough!”

“The engagement pictures are AWESOME!!! I look at the pictures can’t imagine how great the wedding pictures will be!”

“We can’t stop looking at the photos! There is so much emotion in every image …”


“This is exactly what we wanted in a photographer and more!!!!!”

“I can’t stop looking at these blog images! Every photo leaves me wanting to know more of the story!”

“Exquisite! Stunning! Wow wow wow!”

“I feel like I bought a piece of art from my wedding day. A single, unique, thoughtful, beautiful, deep, inspiring piece of art. ”

“Katie has an amazing ability to see the beauty in everything.”

“To any bride looking for timeless, beautiful, and insanely unique images, book them: you won’t be disappointed"

"I wanted the best. And I found it."

I’m going to keep this short: Katie Merkle is one of the industries best kept secrets.










I want to cover your day in a way that highlights the joy and sincerity that surrounds you and the people you love. Some emotions are unbridled, but most are nuanced and fleeting.  When you look back at your set of images, I want you to be transported back to that day and to have those feelings rekindled.

I need very little from you to do my job. My role is to be an observer and a listener.  The less time I spend interrupting, the more time I can spend watching, waiting, and capturing the moments that should be remembered.

If I'm there to record it, it will be without a list, without printed pages of images from other photographers that you’d like to see imitated. I'll be there as me – and I’ll be capturing you.

photo credit: Monica Munoz (http://thewildbrides.com)