• WELCOME______________________________________________________
  • Hi. We're Katie and Chuck. I (Katie) started this business a few years ago, with nothing more than a little bit of hope and a lot of ideas.

    And the past few years have brought more than I could have ever dreamed of:

    We've traveled halfway around the globe and back again. Our images have graced the covers of magazines and colored the pages of newsprint. We've met some of the worlds most distinguished people, and been nationally ranked among the best of the best.

    But at the end of the day, our passion is driven by the things we value the most: our families, our friends, and the memories we've created together.

    If you took a peek into our homes, you would find old walls adorned with photographs of some of the most seemingly simple moments in our lives: a newborn baby, sleeping peacefully in her bassinet, the sun peeking on her face as it rises on the very first morning of her life. Two boys, snuggled under a tent of blankets on the living room floor, watching the television under the amber glow of the Christmas tree. And dozens of frames of those who without we would not be here today.

    To us, these memories are what define our lives. And to our clients, these same simple moments are the diving force behind choosing us to document the first day of their life together.

    Our vision combines romance, insight, and skill to offer a unique perspective on everyday moments that cannot be duplicated.

    If you value art, if you value family and tradition, and you too are looking emotionally rich, meaningful images ... e-mail us. Facebook us. Or simply click the contact button above.

    We'd love to be a part of your story.

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