• STYLE______________________________________________________
  • As children, we are taught to look at the camera and smile, yet it is our unprompted reactions -- which display love, joy, apprehension, and laughter -- that reveal our true persona. Capturing these moments requires a great deal of patience to know exactly when to click the shutter. We are unobtrusive when we can be and directive when needed to translate our ideas to print.

    We love using light in different ways. We suffuse our photographs with areas of brightness and shadows to highlight certain elements and mask others.

    We emphasize texture and patterns. Symbolism is often carefully integrated and a sense of motion used to convey the dynamic of the day.

    Wedding photography is a unique art form. On the surface, we are simply documenting a day in your life. But few other days in one’s lifetime are as awash in tradition and emotion, and it is our role to integrate these elements into a narrative that is enriched by our artistic vision.

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