Walking the streets of Old Town Alexandria ... How can I connect the couple with their environment?

We stop at the corner of the street next to a musician. The guitar player is young, his songs are eclectic yet ... inspiring.  He hasn't found his place yet in the world. I want to connect his ambitions with a visual cue. There is 'star' on the window behind him.  He's quiet. And humble. So his mouth should be closed; I wait for him to stop singing.

The couple needs to stand out (after all, this session is about them), so I grid the flash and fire a couple of test shots.  There is a building behind the couple but there is no connection.  I ask the couple to take one step to the right to reveal the crosswalk connecting both sides of the street.

Now, where is their puppy Harley?  There she is!


Old Town Alexandria VA Engagement Session
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