Molly and Matt got Married

Molly and Matt: One of the sweetest, kindest couples, with two of the most wonderful families, in three of the most beautiful places in Baltimore.

Brides and Grooms: If you’re looking for a hotel, the The Ivy Hotel is such a hidden gem. This is the third time this year I’ve had the privilege of shooting there, and each time, it delights me even more. Maybe it was the fact that the light pours in through the windows of each exquisite room; maybe it was the fact that their staff carried my bag and opened every door with a smile on their face … but whatever it is, it sets the hotel apart from every other hotel I’ve worked at in Baltimore.

Couple that with the historic elegance of the Nations first cathedral, the cornerstone and timeless charm of the Belvedere, and the amber glow of the streets of Mount Vernon and you’ve got yourself the start of a very beautiful wedding.

A special thanks to Jim for assisting // Dress: Betsy Robinson Bridal // Venue: The Ivy Hotel // Baltimore Basilica // The Belvedere // Mount Vernon // Florals: Stacey Bowen Floral Design // Band: Onyx

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