I'm a mother, photographer, artist, writer, part-time musician, and business owner. 

But before I became any of these things, I was a girl with a disability.  I struggled to walk, to talk, and to perform simple tasks like holding a glass of water and writing my own name with a pen.  I spent the first decades of my life fighting to overcome physical obstacles others would never know. And I met every challenge, every success, and every failure with determination, perseverance, and grace.

My struggle provided me with incredible insight into the human condition that plays a central role in the work I create. It also led me here: to tell your story, with home spun wit, uncanny insight, and the ability to find the beauty in everything. Should you find yourself with 20 minutes, you can listen to my story here


I want to cover your day in a way that highlights the joy and sincerity that surrounds you and the people you love. Some emotions are unbridled, but most are nuanced and fleeting.  When you look back at your set of images, I want you to be transported back to that day and to have those feelings rekindled.

I need very little from you to do my job. My role is to be an observer and a listener.  The less time I spend interrupting, the more time I can spend watching, waiting, and capturing the moments that should be remembered.

If I’m there to record it, it’ll be without printed pages from other photographers you’d like to see imitated. I'll be there as me – and I’ll be capturing you.