I am: a Metavivor


My family's cancer story goes back two generations. My grandmother had metastatic breast cancer, while my mom suffered from lymphoma and lung cancer.  Both died without a cure.

You can imagine that this would be incredibly impacting on my life. It was a huge part of my desire to live the life I was given with fervor... with boldness. Taking in all of the details around me and not rushing my experiences; all of which you can hopefully see in my photography.

I am proud to be a part of the Metavivor event; a project that showcases the lives of amazing women who are in the battles of their lives. They, too, are living with a fervor... a boldness. And I'm honored to be able to showcase their stories in pictures.

Meet Avis: living with MBC since 2007

Avis Web-2Avis Web-1CJ-1-2 Avis Web-6Avis Web-5 Avis Web-7Avis Web-3 Avis Web-8Avis Web-1-2

Meet CJ: living with MBC since 2006

CJ-1 CJ-3CJ-6 CJ-4 CJ-5 CJ-7CJ-11 CJ-8 CJ-10 CJ-13 CJ-16CJ-2

These photo's will be on display on March 1-2, 2013 at Tabula Rasa in Washington, D.C. Please click here for more information: http://www.metavivor.org/GetInvo_Gallery.html


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