Change ... is good.


When I was 9-years-old, I decided that I wanted to own a business. And like most 9-year-olds, I didn't quite have the experience or knowhow. But what I did know is that I wanted to be able to create something for other people.

My 'business' had an official trapper keeper (this was really important) with preliminary drafts of sales figures.  I had a table with a sign I printed on my fathers' dot-matrix printer, and a box of 1000 beads, which would later become handmade jewelry.  I made at least two dozen sets of earrings and necklaces that summer and still to this day have that very plastic box with unfinished projects inside, tucked beside letters from my pen-pal.

Fast forward 22 years and the desire to create still bursts through.

One of the first pieces of advice I received was from my brother who told me "It will take three hard years for any successful business to get off of their feet".  And those of you who have been following our photography since the beginning have probably seen a lot of changes over the last three years. We've changed our website, our brand, our logos, our editing, our "style" and everything in between. We've tested the waters with print companies, album companies, and more equipment than I care to think about.

As photographers, we aren't given trial runs like a lot of businesses or corporations.  Our 'product' is our art, which has yet to realize it's potential.  So every change, every mistake, and every reward is bared for the world to see.  Intuition often allows for creative license, but prevents us from vocalizing our ideas, so we rely on art (in this case our photographs) to communicate for us.  Change comes as we develop our own 'voice' within the world.

"Who are you?" ... "What do you want to say?"

So much of owning this business extends beyond the art itself, into a quest for identity.

On August 24, Thomas and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl into this world.  Few moments are as indescribable and poignant as watching LIFE begin before your very eyes. And to have a photograph to rekindle those feelings in 5, 10, 20+ years down the road is simply priceless.


For the past few years, Thomas has filled the shoes of my second photographer - always willing to lend a hand.  Knowing things would change in just a short period of time, we wondered how we would balance a newborn, home life, and three careers.  I was determined that life would work out as it should.  And so as one door closes another opens.

Chuck Anerino and I met a few years ago when he reached out looking for a second photographer for a wedding. Chuck is an insanely talented documentary photographer and as time has shown is a perfect compliment to my style with his ability to navigate large scenes with ease.

Aside from our love for photography, we share many things in common - such as a love for Philly cheesesteaks and black and white printed photographs. But more importantly, a love for family and genuine moments.

(A few of my favorite images from Chuck: ) IMG-1-71-870x580-1



As I embark on this next chapter of life and business, I'm happy to announce that my award-winning colleague and very dear friend will be shooting alongside me full-time starting in 2015. Give a click here and be sure to follow along on our new Facebook page for daily updates.

If you're looking for emotionally rich, meaningful images - the kind that still bring tears to your eyes in 5, 10, 20+ years ... contact us; we'd love to be a part of your story. 


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